Happy Monday!

This week is particularly magical, as I’ll be heading to WDW on Thursday for three full days to park hop, eat, drink, and see all of the holiday festivities in the most magical place on earth!

I’ve been packing for weeks (well, planning) and officially began building outfit and park bag piles for my suitcase last night. I’ve been to WDW so many times and each time I never have quite the right park essentials. I’m either missing something or carrying way too much!

I think I’ve finally perfected the essential park bag for two twentysomething adults to park hop the day away in WDW and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Bag via Primark

Isn’t this little bag so cute? I’ve tried backpacks, crossbodies, and fanny packs, but I think the backpack is the winner in the park bag category. It takes the cake for being totally hands free and distributes the weight perfectly for a 12-hour day in WDW.

Image via shopDisney

Don’t even begin your journey into the parks without making sure that you have your MagicBand or tickets on you. I’m the constant checker, always making sure that everyone in my group has these things at all times!

Image via Kate Spade

I carry a smaller wallet for park days with just my license, credit/debit card, and any Disney gift cards that I might be bringing with me. These essentials are much lighter than lugging around my entire wallet endlessly stuffed with coupons and spare change.

Image via LoungeFly

I’ve made up my own array of first aid items to bring into the parks with me based on trial and error. My kit usually includes ibuprofen, pepto-bismol, blister and regular band-aids, hand sanitizer, chapstick, mini deodorant, hair ties, and sunblock.

Image via Sanuk

As a person with absolutely horrible feet (just ask literally anyone who has ever been on vacation with me for more than 24 hours), if I’m not wearing my Sanuk flip flops on my feet, they’re packed away in my bag. These flip flops are a gift from the gods and I’m so happy to have found these little clouds for my feet.

Image via Apple

My iPhone has awesome battery life (seriously, has anyone ever said that ever?) and will usually get me through the day, but I don’t want to chance it when in the parks because I rely so much on the MyDisneyExperience app throughout the day. I always have my mophie portable battery fully charged for a quick boost if need be.

Image via J.Crew

Forget the weather forecast, you never know what you’ll experience in Florida regardless of the season. I always make sure to have sunglasses and ponchos handy!

Image via Kohl’s

Did you know that you can bring a water bottle and snacks into the parks? I always have a water bottle filled when I walk out the door and continuously fill it up throughout my day. I also keep granola bars or snack bags filled with pretzels or goldfish on me just in case hunger strikes when waiting in lines. Another weird thing that I always bring? Pedialyte powder sticks. Whether dehydrated or hungover, these things are magic.

As always, if you want help planning your trip, I specialize in creating a completely custom dream Disney vacation just for you! Whether you’re about to book or just starting the planning process, send me an email or check out my services here.


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