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I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!

I cannot believe how much time has passed since I put fingers to keyboard to write a post! So much has happened – a holiday season, numerous vacations, a twice postponed backyard wedding (which I promise to share photos from!) and, of course, COVID-19.

Obviously, the travel world has changed in ways we could have never expected, but I’m here to continue to provide you with safe, fun, and affordable ways to get out and explore! This will continue to be a space of no judgement – no one can make the call about what is the correct decision for you and your loved ones right now except for you. In that respect, you can expect to see a variety of content ranging from backyard-friendly “escapes” to how to prepare for an upcoming flight in the safest way possible. If something doesn’t apply to you right now, feel free to just keep reading until you find something that does!

Let’s kick it off with some timely content – back to school! The end of August right before school starts was always my favorite time of year, and continues to be as an adult. Even if you aren’t heading back to the classroom, it is incredibly difficult to miss the rows and rows of school supplies that have taken over every store. Every year, I always manage to grab a few things, but this post isn’t about the new gel pens I snagged in a rainbow of colors, it is about bags, and more specifically, bags that can be easily cleaned and have plenty of space for all of your hand sanitizers and masks.

Whether you are heading to campus, the office, the grocery store, or on a weekend getaway, there is a bag for you on this list. I’ve done the hard part and have vetted them for the three most important things to me right now – pocket space for #allthethings, material that can be easily wiped/washed at the end of the day, and easy opening/closing to minimize contamination of the things within. Oh, and they’re all pretty nice looking too, which is a major win!

One – Vera Bradley Small Backpack

Who else loves Vera? As someone who has had her fair share of items based on the season of life (shoutout to the wristlets that got me through eleventh grade), I can personally attest to the quality of product. This backpack is simple, stylish, and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. I love the option of having two open side pockets to stash my hand sani, while also having a smaller zip front pocket and a larger zip back pocket. This one is also machine washable, so all you have to do is toss it into the laundry pile at the end of the week!

Need more space? Try the campus or XL campus size.

Two – Hershel Nova Mini Backpack

Personally, I love a Hershel backpack. They are stylish, hold up well, and clean easily. The Nova Mini is a smaller version of my current carry-on favorite, but would be perfect for running to the store and staying hands free. With a zip front and zip top, this bag is no fuss and keeps everything in place. An added bonus? It comes in over 70 different colors!

Need more space? Try the small or mid-volume size.

Three – L.L.Bean Mountain Classic Cordura Pack

Show of hands – who else had their L.L.Bean backpack with their initials on it for school every year? L.L.Bean is a back to school staple for a reason – their backpacks hold up. This one is upgraded for adults and comes in a few different color combinations. It features a front zip, top zip, and two open side pockets, as well as a built-in laptop sleeve and organization pocket. If sturdy and machine-washable tops your must-list, add this one to cart!

Four – Kate + Alex Cuffaro Camera Crossbody Bag

I’ll say it – I love this bag. A few years ago, I bought this for a trip to Paris when I was looking for something small with a zipper top and a small price tag. It has held up so well and is my current daily bag! It has a zip top and pocket on the inside for stashing smaller items like a mini wallet or passport. It also has a magnetic open pocket on the outside for easy to reach things. While it can’t go in the washing machine, I have had absolutely no issues taking a disinfecting wipe to this at the end of the day.

Five – Rothy’s Mini Handbag

If you’re looking for something stylish but practical to take to the office, this one is a winner. It comes in four different colors, has both a top handle and a removable strap, and has a zipper top. The best part? Once you remove the base insert, you can put that and the entire bag into its included wash bag and toss the whole thing in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Six – Hershel Fifteen Hip Pack

Can you tell I like Hershel products? If you’re looking for a completely hands-free option, this hip pack is the way to go. It comes in over 80 colors, has a zipper front for easy access, and can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder.

Seven – L.L.Bean Boat and Tote

I would be remiss not to add this one to the list for those looking for a tote bag option. This is one of my favorite bags of all time. It is sturdy, comes in five different colors, and can be personalized. There is a size option for every occasion, as well as two different choices of handle length depending on if you want to carry it or sling it over your shoulder. I personally love a zip top so nothing falls out, but this tote also comes open if that is more your style.

Have you found a daily favorite for toting your things around that checks all the boxes? Let me know in the comments! Bags are my favorite accessory to add to my collection and I’m always looking for a new one!


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