The Airline Points I Missed Out On

If you’ve read my recent post on planning a multi-destination European vacation, you know that I like to do my research to get the best deals at the most convenient times and dates. On the same topic of making the most of travel, did you know that you can earn points for many of these … Continue reading The Airline Points I Missed Out On

How to Plan a Multi-Destination European Adventure

I’m so excited to chat about one of my favorite topics today – Europe! This area of the world is a goldmine of lovely vacation destinations, a delicious mix of the most savory cuisines, and some of the most beautiful cultures and languages in the world. My list of places to visit in Europe is … Continue reading How to Plan a Multi-Destination European Adventure

2018 Rewind

Hi friends! If you’re reading this post, I hope that you’re sitting somewhere cozy with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine!) in hand, celebrating the last few days of 2018 with family and friends. The past year was a good one with so many highlights that I wanted to share them in … Continue reading 2018 Rewind

France by Region

I’m excited to dive into a country that was my very first European love - France. There’s something romantic about it, right? With dozens of tiny cafes lining each street of Paris, breathtakingly vibrant views of the water in Villefranche-sur-Mer, a city through rose-colored glasses in Toulouse, and wine, croissants, and baguettes at each turn, … Continue reading France by Region